February 3, 2013, 3:55 pm
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Michael Phelps missed out when the Baltimore Ravens won their first Super Bowl title.

Not this time around. No way.

Phelps, who retired from swimming last summer after winning a record 18 Olympic gold medals, is in New Orleans to cheer on his hometown Ravens.

``It's destiny,'' Phelps told the AP. ``Ravens by seven.''

When the Ravens won the 2001 Super Bowl, Phelps was a teenager just getting started on his record-breaking career. He remembers being at a meet in France with his longtime coach when Baltimore routed the New York Giants 34-7.

``I slept through the alarm to wake up and watch the game,'' Phelps said. ``It was already 34-7 when I woke up. I was like, `All right, we're done. I can turn it back off.'''

He went back to bed.

Phelps is attending the game with his mother, sisters and several friends.

He hopes his buddy, Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis, can go out a champion - just like Phelps did in London.

``This time, I'll be there for the whole game,'' Phelps said. ``I'll be able to watch Ray hopefully finish his career and his last game the way he wants to.''

- Paul Newberry -


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