Perillo, Hart: Time to get aggressive on defense?

Perillo, Hart: Time to get aggressive on defense?
December 20, 2013, 6:45 am
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It's no secret the Patriots have been thinned out on defense, and without Rob Gronkowski, red-zone scoring figures to be down. So the question is: Should the Patriots be more aggressive defensively?

Patriot Football Weekly's Paul Perillo says he wants the Patriots to send more rushers at the quarterback to force mistakes.

"I want to get a little bit more aggressive, because I'm not sure what you have in the back end is healthy enough to really deal with some of these passing games," Perillo said. "To me, relying on somebody to make a mistake as opposed to trying to force a mistake is a tough way to go."

Andy Hart argues when extra rushers are sent, it can leave the secondary vulnerable.

"There are some bad offenses that will make mistakes, that will make mistakes that will shoot themselves in the foot," Hart said. "You can't give them the free plays. You can't allow them to chunk play you and just go 80 yards. I just don't see that as a benefit to this team right now."

The entire argument can be viewed in the video player above.