Patriots' Jones focused on beating his brother's Ravens


Patriots' Jones focused on beating his brother's Ravens

FOXBORO - Chandler Jones would rather exchange Bible scriptures with his brother, Arthur, than trash talk.

Chandler's Patriots will face off against Arthur's Ravens this Sunday in the AFC Championship Game, the second meeting this season between the two brothers, of which Arthur is 1-0.

But the dynamic between Chandler, Arthur, and their family is a bit different than say, when the McCourty twins - Devin and Tennessee Titans cornerback Jason - played each other to kick off the regular season.

Devin and Jason elected not to talk to each other at all for the week leading up to the game, but had plenty to say to the media about one another.

Chandler, though, is much more reserved.

"It's fortunate that I have the opportunity to play against my brother," Jones said to a hoard of media on Thursday. "But it all boils down to us trying to win and achieve that goal."

The brothers have talked briefly, according to Chandler. "No trash talk," he said.

When asked about ways that he and his brother motivate themselves, Jones responded, "He reads more philosophy, he's like his own philosopher. But I read the Bible a lot. I'm very religious. There are a few Bible scriptures that I keep handy."

After thinking for a second, Jones said one of his favorites: "Philippians 4:13 - I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me."

Jones gets his religious background from his family. His father, Arthur Jr. is a pastor at Mt. Sinai Church of God in Christ, in New York. His mother works in the ministry with him. They will be on hand, along with Chandler's other brother, Jon, an MMA fighter, on Sunday.

It's easy for Chandler to focus on his Patriots team winning. Ditto for his brother with the Ravens. As McCourty pointed out earlier on Thursday, it's the family that gets put in an awkward spot.

"I think more of the stress goes on your family because they kind of want both sides to win, but when you're a part of it all you want is your side to win," McCourty said. "You dont really care about your brother losing."

Regardless of what happens, it's a proud day for the Jones family, who will see one of their sons move on to the Super Bowl, the other, cheering on his brother from then on.

"I feel like it's a very exciting day for my family," Jones said. "You know, win or lose, they'll be happy."