Patriots go to the videotape at OTAs

Patriots go to the videotape at OTAs
May 31, 2012, 6:36 pm
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By Tom E. Curran

FOXBORO - The way an OTA practice is constructed is fascinating because there is constant transition from positional drills to full-team drills to almost individual work.

And it was the individual work on Thursday that caught my eye as Tom Brady and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels worked on some corrections to Brady's mechanics.

With Brady throwing to a coach positioned about 10 yards away, another coach - standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Brady's "receiver - ran video.

Every so often, Brady would exchange some words with McDaniels. One thing Brady appeared to be working on was keeping his head from falling off to the left on his delivery. Brady torques hard when he throws and - if his head tilts too much - he'll run the risk of throwing high as his release point rises with the tilt of his body.

Brady also worked on staying back when he threw and not letting his head get too far out in over his front foot. That flaw would cause him to lose some power and also could cause him to throw low.

Special teams coach Scott O'Brien also spent a while grabbing video of his kickers, especially Stephen Gostkowski when Gostkowski was working on his long field goals.

A few other notes...

During the first pass-catching drill, receivers ran seam routes. Welker made a nice twisting catch on a throw from Brady that was high and a little behind Welker (ahem...).

Personnel men John Robinson, Bob Quinn and Floyd Reese were out at practice.

During some walk-through work for the offensive line, Marcus Cannon moved offsides then slunk back into his position as Brady glared in his direction.

The thing that strikes me as unique about Brandon Lloyd is how smooth and effortlessly he moves in and out of cuts with no extra motion. He also seems to accelerate very well when the ball's in the air.

McDaniels spent a portion of the practice working with a headset on as the the offense drilled two-minute offense with no-huddle.