Ochocinco & Wilfork: TWITTER FIGHT!!!


Ochocinco & Wilfork: TWITTER FIGHT!!!

By Adam Hart

Twitter is awesome. The latest example came Tuesday night when it provided a glimpse into the relationships between Patriots players, formerly masked by dull locker room interviews.

It started with a tweet by Chad Ochocinco:

The answer is most definitely "no," as proven by the photo uploaded by No. 85:

Albert Haynesworth, fresh off a court appearance in D.C.;
Chad Ochocinco, just returned from The Land of Oz; Vince Wilfork. TWITPIC

Those red shoes can't save Ocho from 600-plus pounds of fury. Since he was in on the joke, Wilfork tweeted with a level of faux-anger typically reserved for TV star wrestling:

Wilfork is a stickler for spelling. What he didn't count on, though, was Ocho having a passable excuse:

Them's fighting words. No, not really. Because Ocho jokingly claimed he already won in a post-pic throwdown.

Ocho totally LMAO'd at that.

If only Albert Haynesworth was on twitter. We'd get a great response, like "Go Patriots" or something.