On Ochocinco and Bruschi

On Ochocinco and Bruschi
September 15, 2011, 2:39 pm
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By Adam Hart

Let's keep this short and sweet.

Chad Ochocinco tweeted this:

Former Patriots linebacker and fan-favorite Tedy Bruschi responded with this on WEEI:

"Close your mouth. Put your hand under your chin and close your jaw. Then open your eyes and watch some film. That's what you need to do. If you're still in awe, that means you don't get it because you don't understand it."

While everyone wants to point fingers at Bruschi or Ochocinco, talk about the "Patriot Way" and what Bill Belichick will or won't stand for, the true message should be this:

The Jets are not in awe of Tom Brady; they aren't in awe of the Patriots. In no way does it help New England for one of its players to be awestruck by their performance. That's when you start seeing men in green and white with outstretched arms, pretending to fly like a bunch of five year olds.