No Huddle: Welker, McCourty talk Week 2

No Huddle: Welker, McCourty talk Week 2
September 14, 2012, 5:58 pm
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FOXBORO -- Just one more day stands between the Patriots and their 2012 home opener.
Wes Welker and Devin McCourty answered a few questions Friday before heading out to practice on the Gillette Stadium turf.
What have you seen from the Cardinals secondary?
WW: "They've got a lot of guys who run around to the football. They cover really well and they do a lot of good things out there. Adrian Wilson, obviously, has been around a long time, is a heavy hitter, and a guy you always have to keep an eye on.
Excited for the home opener at Gillette?
WW: "Yeah, I am. It's good to get back here. Hopefully we can get some good weather and a good day for some football."
Will you be thinking about breaking Troy Brown's receiving record with your first catch?
WW: "I'm trying not to think about it too much. Troy was such a great player here for such a long time and has done so many great things here and has really opened up things for the position that I now play that was his and has created so many opportunities for me."
Is there more preparation for an opponent you see so rarely, like Arizona?
WW: "Absolutely. You have to do a little more. You're not used to playing these guys, and they're a new team and different things like that, so you've got to do a little extra and make sure you're on top of everything and understand what you need to do to get ready.

So, how exactly does one cover Larry Fitzgerald?
DM: "I think the whole league wonders that since he's been in the league, but we're just going to try to be physical with him, going to try to compete with him. We know that if the ball gets anywhere near his hands it's going to be a catch, and we've got to try to get to the ball before he does hopefully, and when he does make catches -- because we know he's going to make some catches -- we've got to try to get him on the ground."
What do you know about Kevin Kolb?
DM: "That he can get the ball down the field. We know especially if Kolb is in there, he's a guy that is mobile, he can get it out side of the pocket, and a lot of times when he gets outside the pocket he does good things. We've got to try to contain him and make plays when we can. They've got some pretty good receivers that they can throw the ball to, we've just got to stay on our guys tight and make some plays."
Are you preparing for John Skelton as well?
DM: "We also got to prepare for anybody we play, especially in a situation like that where both guys have played. You've got to be prepared for whoever is out there."