No Huddle: Patriots-Bills postgame sound

No Huddle: Patriots-Bills postgame sound
October 1, 2012, 12:01 am
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ORCHARD PARK, NY -- There were so many stories to tumble out of New England's 52-28 win over the Bills: The Patriots offense going on a second half tear; a coming out party for rookie running back Brandon Bolden; the offensive line working without Logan Mankins, the defense coming up with huge plays all over the field.
Both Patriots and Bills players hit on these topics from their respective locker rooms. Here are the highlights of Week 4's postgame sound.
Quarterback Tom Brady on how he handled the offense so well in a loud environment:
"I thought our guys, the way they played, the way they competed What a game by Wes Welker. BrandonLloydfought his butt off, that touchdown catch at the end was phenomenal. Rob Gronkowski really fought back after some tough plays there -- big touchdown. Offensive line played phenomenal with Loganout. Deion Branch, Daniel Fells-- everybody contributed. It was really a great win for us as a team. Obviously it only gets tougher from here, but we're proud of the fact that we really fought through some pretty tough times here in the second half and came up with a big win."
Tight end Rob Gronkowski on getting back onto the field after fumbling in the second quarter:
"Yeah, it's tough. I had a fumble and everything, a couple of drops, and I just need to execute plays. I can't be having that. It hurts the team a lot. I need to be protecting the ball better, no doubt about that. It's awesome that Tom came back to me, trusted my abilities, trusted me the whole game, kept throwing me passes."
His feeling after Buffalo scored on the turnover and his wanting to get back on the field:
"It's not a great feeling at all. I can tell you that right now. The very next play they throw a touchdown in the end zone. The thing is, you got to overcome things, just like if you have a great play you got to move on and stick with the game plan, and keep moving forward."
Receiver Wes Welker on keeping composure:
"I don't think you ever really want to panic. You just go out there and play your game, go out there and try to score points and let everything else kind of take care of itself. When you are down like that, you almost don't have anything to lose at that point; you just have to go out there and play and try to fight back."
Bills defensive end Mario Williams on how frustrating it was for Brady to perform well against them:
"If we don't stop the run, there's no putting anybody on their back. I think both of their running backs were over 100 yards rushing. It was pick your poison at that point. If we don't stop the run, it's hard to win."
On what New England did differently from Cleveland and Kansas City -- Buffalo's two consecutive wins coming into Week 4:
"I have no idea. We'll watch the film. It felt like it was the same blocking up front with the bunch and with the pair wing. I don't know exactly what was happening at the point of attack."
Buffalo running back C.J. Spiller on his goal line fumble at the end of the first half:
"Oh, that was crucial. That was totally crucial. That was the turning point of the game. That is totally on me, nobody else -- that was me. I just have to do a better job of securing the ball, especially down there. It was a big momentum swing with our defense getting a turnover."
On if his shoulder was a factor on that play:
"No, not at all. My shoulder felt fine. I think it was Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes that just came in and made a good hit. It had nothing to do with my shoulder."