Ninkovich, Pats preparing to tackle Jets on short rest


Ninkovich, Pats preparing to tackle Jets on short rest

FOXBORO -- The Patriots don't have much time to dwell on playing without offensive starter Rob Gronkowski. Week 11 is a short week. The team had barely washed itself of the sweat from beating Indianapolis Sunday before the page was turned to New York.

New England will take on the Jets Thanksgiving night.

"The turnaround is pretty quick," Rob Ninkovich said Monday. "You're still a little sore from just playing a day ago. You just kind of have to do your best to move on and get ready to prepare the next day for the team you're going to play in just a few days. It's definitely quick, but nothing we haven't done before."

Two years ago, the Patriots played a Turkey Day game in Detroit. Short rest didn't appear to big an issue in that 45-24 victory, but Ninkovich said they will take nothing for granted this time. Especially considering this game is against a divisional rival.

Or is that something that can help?

"It's not like the personnel is any different from the last time we played them," Ninkovich admitted. "If it was some team we hadn't played twice a year ever since I've been here It helps us out that we play them so much."

The pair began its season series on October 21.

At the time, Week 7, both teams were 3-3. New England escaped with a 29-26 overtime win and the game now serves as the starting point of its current four game winning streak.

The Jets have since gone 1-2. Poor play and locker room rifts have threatened to send their train careening off the tracks.

Still, Ninkovich showed New York some respect. Just like the Patriots plan to on game day.
"We're playing the Jets -- a good team, a good physical team -- so we have to be ready to play those guys."