The NFL's stupidest idea yet


The NFL's stupidest idea yet

By Jon Fucile

The NFL released a statement that referees will now be trained to recognize concussion symbols on the field to prevent further injuries. Right.

Is everyone in the NFL front office concussed?

Supposedly, all the refs will have to watch a video before each game detailing what kind of symptoms to watch for. These are the same guys that routinely miss obviously calls and have no idea what theyre doing and now theyre supposed to recognize when a player gets a concussion. This is the worst idea since letting Jon Gruden into the booth on Monday Night Football.

The NFL might as well have Helen Keller diagnosing concussions at games.

The NFL cares so much about player safety that instead of hiring extra doctors or trainers theyre making guys who are in no way qualified to diagnose concussions check players. Great job, NFL!

Maybe should you hire a series of fake doctors to at least make this a bit more believable. Maybe Doogie Howser M.D. could come out of retirement and diagnose concussions.

How about Dr. Suess? They call him a doctor so he must be qualified!

Great job, doctor! Sounds like the NFL runs Whoville too, because every Who down in Whoville must be concussed if they didnt pound the Grinch after he stole all their stuff.

Perhaps the NFL could hire Montreals favorite M.D: Dr. Recchi!

If any NFL players end up watching Hall Pass the day after a concussion, watch out!

With the billions the NFL makes they cant hire a few extra doctors to monitor players? This just sounds lazy and cheap. But, hey, maybe the referee who says there was no pass interference when the defender rode the receiver down the field will be good enough to see that a player has a concussion.