New England NCAA football scores: October 8

New England NCAA football scores: October 8

American International 35, Saint Anselm 21
Amherst 48, Middlebury 28
Assumption 41, Pace 10
Bates 35, Williams 26
Bridgewater State 34, Coast Guard 16
Bowdoin 27, Tufts 6
Brown 20, Holy Cross 13
Bryant 42, Stonehill 7
Endicott 51, Nichols 14
Framingham State 41, Fitchburg State 7
Gaullaudet 35, Husson 0
Harvard 41, Cornell 31
Maine Maritime 36, Westfield State 34
Massachusetts Maritime 23, Worcester State 19
Merrimack 33, Bently 29
Morrisville State 35, Western Connecticut 21
Mount Ida 56, Anna Maria 7
New Hampshire 47, Villanova 17
Norwich 40, Castleton State 21
Old Dominion 31, Rhode Island 23
Plymouth State 30, MIT 27
Sacred Heart 34, Columbia 25
Salisbury 65, Springfield 23
Salve Regina 38, Mass-Dartmouth 7
Trinity 35, Hamilton 0
Wesleyan 28, Colby 21
Western New England 37, Curry 20
West Virginia 43, Connecticut 16
Yale 30, Dartmouth 0
Clemson 36, Boston College 14
Maine 25, James Madison 24 (OT)
Merchant Marine 34, WPI 27
Maritime (NY) 47, Becker 19
Massachusetts 42, Central Connecticut State 26

Curran: McDaniels staying with Pats shouldn't be a shocker

Curran: McDaniels staying with Pats shouldn't be a shocker

For weeks the speculation regarding Josh McDaniels wasn't a matter of "if" but "when."

But while national media had McDaniels signed, sealed and delivered to multiple landing spots, the proposition that he'd leave at all was never a likelihood. 


The Rams weren't attractive to him from the outset. Jacksonville didn't excite him, either. And on Monday, he passed on the 49ers opportunity. 

The lure of a blank slate in San Fran at quarterback and GM didn't outpace the uncertainty of going cross-country to work for a seemingly dysfunctional franchise that's cycled rapidly through coaches and has an unrealistic sense that it's a long, long way removed from its glory days, the only remnant remaining from that being perhaps the logo on the helmet. 

With four kids and a job McDaniels considers one of the 10 best on coaching -- head man or no -- he will stay on as the Patriots' offensive coordinator.

"I was really impressed with (Niners owner) Jed York and (team executive) Paraag Marathe . . . and the people that came from the 49ers organization," McDaniels said on a conference call this morning. "They did a great job with their presentation. Humbled to be included in that process. At this time it's just best for my family and myself to remain here in New England and focus on this year's playoffs and finish out the year however it turns out."

The same faulty speculative reasoning that had McDaniels as good as gone from the Patriots will move on undeterred today and surmise that McDaniels is staying with the Patriots because he knows, or has been promised, that he'll receive the head coaching job when Bill Belichick steps aside. 

While the Kraft family certainly thinks highly of McDaniels and that could come to pass, anyone tapping their foot and checking their watch waiting for Belichick to step down is in for a long wait. He's showing no signs of wrapping it up and, while I haven't been told directly McDaniels isn't the automatic successor, he wouldn't be taking interviews at all if he were assured that. 

What will be interesting to see is whether interest remains high in him for other jobs or the perception that he's never going to leave means teams don't bother to ask. San Fran obviously had its heart set on McDaniels. Even though Nick Caserio passed on the chance to interview with the Niners for their open GM job, the team did talk to Louis Riddick about the spot. He and McDaniels have high regard for each other. 

Between McDaniels, Caserio and defensive coordinator Matt Patricia, the people closest to Belichick on the coaching flow chart all had chances to go somewhere else and all passed on the chance. It's another example of not why the Patriots are good but why they remain good. Stability. 

CSN's Buckets List: Villanova goes back to the top


CSN's Buckets List: Villanova goes back to the top

Each Monday through the Final Four, our own Robbie Buckets -- known in some circles as Rob Snyder, associate producer at CSN -- will take a look at the world of college basketball: Games to watch each week, players who might be on the Celtics' radar come draft time, what's going on locally . . . and, of course, power rankings (which will eventually morph into bracketology). Enjoy!

After a one-week hiatus, Villanova is back in the No. 1 spot as Butler suffered its first loss of the season. This week, I'll be doing something a little different with the rankings. For each team, I'll show you their signature wins so you can get a feel for what they've done so far this season. By the way, we had another bonkers week of basketball, and conference play could not be better.  I was going to spend a lot of time on Duke here in this paragraph, but I'll spare you the rant.  You can follow me on Twitter for that.


1. Villanova (17-1) - Best wins: at Purdue, vs. Notre Dame (neutral floor), at Creighton, vs. Xavier

2. Kansas (16-1) - Best wins: vs. Duke (neutral floor), at TCU, vs. Kansas State

3. Gonzaga (17-0) - Best wins: vs. Florida, vs. Iowa State, vs. Arizona (all neutral floors), vs. St. Mary's

4. UCLA (18-1) - Best wins: at Kentucky, at Utah, vs. Texas A&M

5. Kentucky (15-2) - Best wins: vs. Michigan State, vs. UNC (both neutral floors)

6. Baylor (16-1) - Best wins: vs. Oregon, vs. Michigan State, vs. Louisville, vs. Xavier (all neutral floors), at Kansas State

7. Creighton (17-1) - Best wins: vs. Wisconsin (neutral floor), vs. Butler

8. West Virginia (15-2) - Best wins: at Virginia, vs. Baylor

9. Oregon (16-2) - Best wins: vs. UCLA, vs. USC

10. North Carolina (16-3) - Best wins: vs. Wisconsin (neutral floor), vs. Florida St.

11. Florida State (16-2) - Best wins: vs. Florida, at Virginia, vs. Duke

12. Notre Dame (16-2) - Best wins: vs. Louisville, at Virginia Tech

13. Louisville (15-3) - Best wins: vs. Purdue, vs. Kentucky, vs. Duke

14. Duke (14-4) - Best wins: vs. Florida, vs. Rhode Island (both neutral floors)

15. Butler (15-3) - Best wins: vs. Arizona (neutral floor), vs. Cincinnati, vs. Villanova


Rhode Island - Things just aren't going right for the Rams. They barely beat UMass and also suffered a bad home loss to LaSalle this week.  They just aren't in the spot we thought they would be. The goal now must be to get things right in time for the their conference tournament.  It will most likely be their only way into the dance.

Providence - The Friars got a nice little home win over Seton Hall, but it doesn't mean much after they suffered a horrid loss to DePaul. They still have Villanova, Creighton and Xavier at home this season, and they better win at least two of three if they want a shot at an at-large come March.


  • Monday, January 16: Creighton at Xavier
  • Wednesday, January 18: Notre Dame at Florida State
  • Saturday, January 21: Louisville at Florida State; Arizona at UCLA


Lonzo Ball - The 6-foot-6 freshman point guard still has a great shot at going No. 1 overall.  He's averaging 14.6 points, 8.0 assists and 5.5 rebounds per game while shooting a cool 53 percent from the field and 43 percent from 3-point range.  He can literally do it all.

Edmond Sumner - A nice late-first-round/early-second-round product. The Xavier sophomore is a lean 6-foot-6 point guard who plays much taller and longer than that. His athleticism is off the charts and his potential is through the roof.  He still plays out of control at times and his jump shot needs work, but he's young and improving.

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