An NCAA violation waiting to happen


An NCAA violation waiting to happen

By Adam Hart

At first I questioned why a firm would e-mail this video, suggesting it "might be of interest for me to post on my outlet's web site." interested in college prep videos? Pssh.

But that's shortsighted, italicized thinking. Of course college students love sports and read this blog. Those procrastinators need all the help they can get when it comes to stocking dorm rooms.

But it better stop at regular students. Division I student athletes could be in big trouble by watching this FREE webisode. Because anything free is an NCAA violation: "loans," cars, jewelry, hot dogs.

So if you're a student athlete, might as well report yourself to the compliance office right now.

P.S. Pretty proud I didn't make any jokes about dust mites being the least of collegiate mattress-related priorities.

P.P.S. Dang it.