morning walkthru

morning walkthru
May 28, 2012, 4:14 pm
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A Happy Memorial Day weekend. If you're reading this, hopefully it's with sunglasses on and zinc oxide on your nose.

Mike Florio of PFT tells us that the Patriots got over on Chandler Jones in contract talks. Last year's No. 21 got a better deal than Jones did.

NFL franchises are now allowed to go into debt 200 million. With my three kids appearing to be college-bound over the next six years, I'm hoping to get approval for about the same debt level.

It's the five-year anniversary of Marquise Hill's death.

Aggressive stance from Miami linebacker Karlos Dansby on his team's fortunes in 2012.

It isn't healthy to delight in the financial travails of others. Yet it's worth noting that Jamal Lewis' bankruptcy filing notes that he has five houses and a 50 percent stake in an Ohio water park.