morning walkthru

morning walkthru

By Tom E. Curran

Kellen Moore, who had a remarkable record at Boise State, wasn't drafted. The Lions signed him. He's properly fueled.

Chargers GM A.J. Smith is aware that first-round draft pick Melvin Ingram has stubby arms. Smith points out that so did the T-Rex.

Randy Moss looks fast in San Fran.

Running back Chris Rainey, drafted by the Steelers, has an interesting story.

Brandon Morabito, booed by Jets fans on national TV, is 10.


Report: Celtics secure meeting with Dwight Howard

Report: Celtics secure meeting with Dwight Howard

In February, the Boston Celtics were involved in trade deadline talks with the Houston Rockets involving center Dwight Howard.

It appears the team still has interest in the free-agent big man. 

According to ESPN, the Celtics have secured a meeting with Howard after July 1.

Howard, 30, became a free agent after declining a player option that would have paid him more the $23 million in 2016-17