Morning Skate: Wednesday, Oct. 31


Morning Skate: Wednesday, Oct. 31

Blake Wheeler finally making plans to head over to Europe as it appears a second wave exodus of players leave North America this week.

Yahoo! Sports columnist Nick Cotsonika tracks down Pavel Datsyuk in Europe with his whimsy and wizardry on full display.

Greg Wyshynski AKA the Puck Daddy asks the one question that nobody else dares or cares -- to ask: can Columbus please have their NHL All-Star Game.

Good piece by Damien Cox outlining how the NHL should continue to shine things on with the Winter Classic, and absorb any costs to keep talks alive for a few more weeks.

Another Halloween means another hockey player in black face. Beyond the question of whether its right or wrong, dont hockey players learn from the mistakes of other players in the past?

Taylor Hall gets the green light to play for the AHLs Oklahoma City Barons, and makes a loaded minor league hockey team that much better.

Per the Pro Hockey Talk boys, Justin Faulk says what were all thinking while plying his trade in the AHL: I need a season here. Yes, Justin, we all need a season here.

Former Boston College superstar and Red Wings forward Patrick Eaves is still suffering from headaches and the after-effects of a severe concussion suffered after he took a puck to the jaw last season.

For something completely different: an Op-Ed about zombies in the New York Times. Okay then.