Morning Skate: Wednesday, Nov. 21


Morning Skate: Wednesday, Nov. 21

A very good, heartfelt column from ESPNs John Buccigross about the lockout, and the damage done.

A European round-up of sports where Alex Semin admits that hes currently not in very good shape. Shocker.

Jason Spezza ponders leaving his Swiss team as NHL lockout negotiations rage on between the two sides.

A Vanderbilt professor tells the Tennessean that a labor deal is likely forthcoming to end the NHL lockout.
A good piece by the Pittsburgh Tribune Rob Rossi, who estimates that roughly 2 million is lost with each home game thats cancelled.
Justin Bourne asks a relevant question: Whats the point of player involvement in labor negotiations. Although I would argue that its the best way to keep players fully informed on negotiations.

Heres a letter that the NHLPA sent to Parliament earlier this week to keep them abreast of current lockout negotiations. Even though the NHLPA is in the right in his situation, this is the kind of stuff thats going to make people mad.
While the NHL is currently out to lunch, the CWHLs Boston Blades continue to quietly go about their business in Boston.

For something completely different: Lenny Kravitz talks about his love for football. Ill buy that for a dollar.