Morning Skate: Wednesday, Dec. 19


Morning Skate: Wednesday, Dec. 19 Sharks Insider Kevin Kurz has the lowdown on Ryan Clowe coaching an ECHL team at the HP Pavilion home of the San Jose Sharks.

Ian Mendes says its time for a truce when it comes to allowing NHL players to attend charity events benefitting the teams. It certainly would be for a good cause, but I dont think thats entirely realistic.
George Richards gives the latest lowdown on whats happening with the Florida Panthers.
The Canadian Prime Minister Stephan Harper says that the NHL lockout poses a grave danger for the NHL if continues much longer, according to the Globe and Mail.
Joffrey Lupul pens a lockout piece for the website and crushes the KHL in the process. The last paragraph of his piece really says it all.
A one-on-one with San Jose Sharks Logan Couture where he talks about his experiences during the lockout, and the dynamic in the room during the CBA negotiating sessions.
The Las Vegas Wranglers franchise is hosting an indoor winter classic, which seems like an oxymoron doesnt it?

Kevin Paul Dupont has the story on Stan Jonathan possibly facing up to four years in jail after a hunting accident led to a shooting death in his native Canada.

For something completely different: Keith Law is known for his baseball writing, but he also gives a pretty good review of this season of Homeland.