Morning Skate: Tuesday, Oct. 30

Morning Skate: Tuesday, Oct. 30
October 30, 2012, 7:37 pm
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Good column from Nick Kypreos, who says its time for the silent majority of NHL owners to get involved with the CBA negotiations before its too late. They may be the one thing that could keep the entire season from being lost.

Five questions with Claude Julien and where the Bruins coach talks about the rivalry with the Vancouver Canucks. Just hearing him speak about it makes even the casual Bruins fan pine for hockey to come back.

Jesse Spector from the Sporting News wonders if the players and teams are crazy enough to create a rebel league with the NHL appearing set on a kamikaze course.

Interesting video between noted NHL crazy guy Trevor Gillies and Nasty Mirasty where theyre setting up negotiations for a second fight later in the same European game.

Down Goes Brown attends a Halloween party hosted by Gary Bettman. This ought to be good.

NHLPA Exec Director Donald Fehr says the more things change, the harder it becomes in high-stakes negotiations, and divulges more in a one-on-one interview with Michael Russo.

Scott Burnside with a good piece on Adam Oates honing his head coaching skills at the AHL level before his gig begins with the Washington Capitals.

For something completely different: SportsNet reporter Ian Mendes smoked in the ankle with a batted ball right before a live TV hit, and he doesnt break a sweat. That right there is a pro.