Morning Skate: Tuesday, Nov. 6


Morning Skate: Tuesday, Nov. 6

A good piece by Marc Spector going over the hawks and doves in the NHL ownership group as the lockout rolls on with both sides waiting for the opposition to blink.

A history of the center-ice paint jobs in Boston. Its interesting to look at the slight changes over the years.
In his regular blog with the Ottawa Citizen, Ian Mendes goes over when the world of sports and US Presidents have intersected in the past.
Jaromir Jagr sees both sides of the NHL lockout, and fills Nick Cotsonika in on it as one of his final stories during his travels in Europe.

Cory Schneider thinks that the next few weeks are make or break for the NHL and the players if they hope to have a season.

Great column from Hall of Fame goaltender Ken Dryden on what NHL fans dont want to hear during this lockout over profits and revenues.

Larry Brooks from the New York Post says the owners taking responsibility for the make whole provision is the key for the NHL finding a new CBA. When that happens there will be something to talk about.

Thanks to Jeff Marek and Greg Wyshynski for having me on the Marek vs. Wyshynski podcast yesterday afternoon. Plenty of frank talk about the lockout and how it involves the Bruins.

For something completely different: Harrison Ford is interested in reprising his Han Solo role in the new Star Wars movies, and may have some nefarious motives behind it.