Morning Skate: Tuesday, January 8


Morning Skate: Tuesday, January 8

 Not all NHL teams are happy with the new CBA, according to Kevin Paul DuPont of the Boston Globe, and that would seem to be natural.


 Cam Neely outlines to the Boston Herald why the Bruins would appear to be poised for a good run in a 48-game shortened season.


 New Minnesota Wild free agent signees Zach Parise and Ryan Suter apologize to the fans about the lengthy NHL lockout.


 The Canucks would welcome goaltender Roberto Luongo back to training camp if hes not traded in the next few days.


 Mario Lemieux led a group of NHL owners that apologized to the fans for the lengthy NHL lockout, and showed the kind of spirit pulling from the league end to get a deal done.


 Alex Ovechkin shows up at Washington Capitals camp and provides a glimpse into what the Russian superstars were thinking during the lockout. It went a little something like this: were about to forget about the NHL.  


 For our female demographic: Cosmo magazine provides a slide show of the NHLs hottest hockey players. Moving on now.

 For something completely different: NBA player David Lee says he needed to come up with a speech solely for his rookies on how to deal with Kevin Garnetts trash-talking ways.