Morning Skate: Thursday, November 8


Morning Skate: Thursday, November 8

A mock one-on-one interview between Patrice Purrgeron and Tim Thomas on the day after Barack Obama was reelected as President. Good job, fellas.

An argument for fans to not get so personal when it comes to the lockout from Puck Drunk Love. Easier said than done in my opinion.

Interesting piece detailing the Make Whole provision and the ways in which the NHL can continue walking down the parallel road that the NBA did to solve the lockout. This will take some give from the NHL.

Andy Strickland says that youll know real progress is being made when the Make Whole provision is truly agreed upon by both sides in the CBA process.

Tyler Seguin and Patrick Kane are taking the world by storm, and getting into the local traditions in Switzerland at the same time. covers the timetable of Max Talbot signing with the Finnish League, and some of the reasons why that might be.

Unfortunate story of the Lawrence Eagle Tribune Merrimack reporter Mike McMahon, who had his position eliminated with the newspaper earlier this week.

Molson Coors is looking for redress from the NHL for all of the beer-drinking revenue lost during the lockout over the last two months.

For something completely different, The Daily Beast says that Nate Silver is a beast when it comes to predicting elections. That is all.