Morning Skate: Saturday, November 10

Morning Skate: Saturday, November 10
November 10, 2012, 5:53 pm
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A good rundown on all of yesterdays activities by the USA Today, and where the NHL and NHLPA leadership stands on Saturday while deciding if they want to actually meet.

Ben Woodward checked out the P-Bruins last night for, and heres his game summary. Spoiler alert: the good guys claimed victory over the Albany Devils.

Good take by CBC rink side reporter Elliotte Friedman, who says the gloves are off between NHL players and the ownersleague. Things didnt end well as both sides continue to wait for the other one to break down.

Taylor Hall is finding his game with the Oklahoma City Barons as the AHL players wait for the lockout to finally lift. Theres still hope for a Dec. 1 start, but the two sides need to get their stuff together.

Is Donald Fehr being fully upfront with the players? Do the leagues owners actually want to play hockey this season? Kevin McGran answers all of this and more in his week-ending column for the Toronto Star.

Good column from Mike from Attleboro comparing Jeremy Jacobs and Robert Kraft on the Boston sports scene: you couldnt possibly find two greater examples of opposites, and thats unfortunate for the NHL. You get the sense that if Jacobs were removed from the proceedings that would it appreciably easier to come to a deal on a Collective Bargaining Agreement.

For something completely different: The new Stars Wars movies by way of Casablanca. I didnt think this would actually be pulled off in the Grantland piece, but they did a good job of convincing me. I still say, for the record, that Joss Whedon is the best man for the Star Wars gig, however.