Morning Skate: Monday, Nov. 19


Morning Skate: Monday, Nov. 19

An interesting look at the facts and myths behind hockey teams losing money and how the number that appears in Forbes magazine isnt always what it seems to be.

The Backhanded Shelf loves Don Cherrys twitter account and theyre not the only ones. Who knew that Cherry had such deep thoughts just waiting to burst out onto the social media scene?

While the Pittsburgh Penguins are hurting without their paychecks, theyre not exactly ready to stand in the government cheese line? Do they still even have government cheese?

FOH (Friend of Haggs) Greg Wyshynski with some good notes to go along with Gary Bettmans All is Well question and answer interview with the Winnipeg Press.

Rogers Sportsnet columnist John Shannon sees little hope for Monday afternoons CBA meeting between the NHL and NHLPA. Lets hope hes completely wrong.

Larry Brooks with his usual update from the NHLPA side of things including the content of conference calls over the weekend, and the decision that the union isnt ready to decertify.

A good piece from Andy Merritt about how family and his upbringing have influenced Dick Umile along his historic coaching path at UNH.

For something completely different: If somebody is going to write upwards of 1,000 words on the Universal Soldier film franchise then I really have to link to it, dont I?