Morning Skate: Friday, Nov. 30


Morning Skate: Friday, Nov. 30

Michael Grange with an excellent column wondering aloud if Donald Fehr is doing exactly what his hero Marvin Miller would do in these CBA negotiations.

Former Bruins forward Tommy Fitzgerald is fitting in nicely as a member of the front office in the Pittsburgh Penguins organization.

Damien Cox offers his assessment after four years of Brian Burke running the Maple Leafs show up in Toronto.

An interesting report from Alan Maki about the significant underreporting of concussions that is rampant around the world of hockey.

What a paint job! Call Slimer and Ray Venkman for the Ghostbusters goalie masks complete with a Stay Puft Marshmallow man.

Only time will end the current NHL lockout as everybody rushes to the next step or strategic move from each side. The only question now is how much time this is all going to take.

Mike Smith speaks with Craig Custance and gives some interesting takes on the lockout: the most outspoken being that a removal of player contract rights will essentially turn them into puppets. And not the cutesy Pinocchio kind either.

Good work by colleague Danny Picard speaking with NHLPA player rep Kevin Westgarth for a good 30 minutes of lockout talk on his Im Just Sayin radio show.

For something completely different: Presidential Election It boy and former Baseball Prospectus genius Nate Silver sits in with Bill Simmons for a chat on the BS Report.