More athletes kiss and make up via Twitter


More athletes kiss and make up via Twitter

By Mary Paoletti

It's amazing that some people still don't see the positives of Twitter (looking at you, Hoodie).

This winter, Twitter's influence in Egypt during pro-democracy protests was thought powerful enough to warrant being blocked throughout the country.

The application is used every single day to help notify rescue leagues of hurt or endangered animals for rescue.

And just today I was updated on NASA's new photos from Voyager 1.

But the latest Twitter coup may be the most stunning yet: athletes are using it to apologize for each other.

This exchange, between Toronto's Brandon Morrow and Seattle's Casper Wells, was captured by Deadspin. Remarkable. And the goodwill Twitter tour rolls on.

A few hours ago new Patriots receiver Chad Ochocinco reached out to Tampa's Mason Foster. Foster was whistled in the first quarter of New England's 31-14 win for unnecessary roughness after he nailed Ochocinco, who was airborne, two hands on the ball.

The veteran let Foster know there were no hard feelings.

And the reply.

Diplomacy in 140 characters or less. I love it.