'Mike Bibby said that?'


'Mike Bibby said that?'

By Adam Hart

"Why didn't anyone tell me the Celtics were playing the Hawks tonight?" said the man who works for the Celtics broadcast partner.

It is of little consequence, who did or did not know the team's opponent this Thursday. The point is "Mike Bibby said that?" should immediately echo in the minds of fans every time the Atlanta guard pops up on their television. Why, you ask?

Remember when the Celtics couldn't win on the road in the 2008 playoffs? Remember when the Hawks thought they were something? Remember when Mike Bibby called the Garden faithful "bandwagon fans"? The reaction of Kendrick Perkins -- 40-second mark, above -- is one of his Top 5 moments in Boston:

"Mike Bibby said that? I mean, you come off a 2-for-10 night shooting you would say something like that, too."


But wait, there's more. Hosting Boston, Atlanta finally had a full house for its playoff games.

"It's about time, huh? It take for us to go down there to pack their house."

Again, Boom.