McDaniels, Pats need time to get in groove

McDaniels, Pats need time to get in groove

By Tom E. Curran

Coordinating an NFL offense is just like riding a bike.

Although it's like riding a bike with 10 other people. And, actually, you don't get to ride a bike at all. You have to tell 11 other people how and where to ride theirs. While 11 guys on enemy bikes try to stop you from successfully riding your bike where you want.

So, while we expect that Josh McDaniels should be able to climb astride the Patriots offense and ride it seamlessly, that's not reality.

As this past Sunday against Arizona showed, the road gets bumpy and wrong turns get made, even if McDaniels and Brady were the yin and yang of the most prolific offense in NFL history back in 2007.

Why isn't it easy to just crank it up again, as the volume of "Bring back Bill O'Brien!" tweets indicated Sunday afternoon.

"You work at it as hard as you can and at the end of the year you probably evaluate where you're level of comfort is," Brady said when asked about getting back in the saddle with McDaniels. "At this point, Josh and I are always communicating and I'm trying as a quarterback to do what I need to do and he as a coordinator is doing what he needs to do.

"When you score 18 points and it's really from not converting on third down and not being great in the red area," Brady added. "It's not that we're not moving the ball. We had quite a few yards in the last game and the first game, it's just a matter of taking care of critical opportunities on third down in the red area, putting touchdowns on the board instead of field goals. You have to be able to score touchdowns. I think that's how you eventually get into the flow of the offense is when you're getting into the end zone. "

The road remains rough this weekend in Baltimore with the Ravens in prime time.