Mazz: Not giving away Lester for prospect who might be good


Mazz: Not giving away Lester for prospect who might be good

A report out of the Kansas City Star yesterday said that the Royals were considering trading their top prospect, Wil Myers, for a front-of-the-line starter.

The Red Sox' Jon Lester was a name that was brought up. Would the Red Sox pull the trigger? We don't know. But we do know if Tony Massarotti would . . . and it doesn't look like it.

He says there are a few red flags that come along with Myers, and Lester is a really good pitcher.

But would Mazz trade Lester for a group of good prospects? He says so.

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Report: Celtics know which players Durant wants


Report: Celtics know which players Durant wants

The big question for the Celtics this offseason: What will it take to bring Kevin Durant to Boston?

It appears the Green Team might have an idea.

During an appearance on WEEI, Butch Sterns revealed that Durant’s representatives have told the Celtics organization which guys he wants to play with.

“I have this on pretty good authority: The Celtics have sat with his agent and other representatives of Durant. The Celtics do know — I don’t know who it is — but they do know who he would prefer to be brought here in a LeBron-Chris Bosh-Dwyane Wade-like way. Because that’s how it works in the NBA. You need to know who the guy or guys that that guy wants, which would be a factor

“Now, I don’t know if Durant’s told them that. But the Celtics know. They know. They’ve been told what group of guys he would want to come here.”

It’s unclear if other teams have received a similar list from Durant’s camp, but on the surface it appears Durant could be at least entertaining the idea of joining the Celtics.