Mayo recognizes 49ers offensive threats


Mayo recognizes 49ers offensive threats

FOXBORO -- Jerod Mayo and the Patriots defense realize what type of threat San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is. The kid can throw, he can run, and he can throw accurately on the run.

Mayo reiterated that after Friday's practice, and pointed out that stopping Kaepernick will be all about "reading your keys" on Sunday night.

"He's very athletic," said Mayo. "He does a lot of different things for them. And he can also throw on the run. He has a strong arm. He has all the tools to being a good quarterback.

"You have to read your keys. It's all about reading your keys, going out there and playing disciplined football. We always talk about doing your job, and this is one of those games."

That also entails knowing where veteran running back Frank Gore is at all times, on Sunday night.

"Frank Gore's been doing it for a long time," said Mayo. "He has great power, and he can also take it outside as well. So, you can't really sleep on anything. He'll take the ball anywhere, and they have a good offensive line."