Maxwell on Sullinger: "Tremendous force on the inside"


Maxwell on Sullinger: "Tremendous force on the inside"

Cedric Maxwell joins Sports Tonight to discuss all things Celtics including their 5 game winning streak and the steady improvement of Jared Sullinger.

Maxwell says the emergence of the second unit has allowed the Celtics to rest their older veterans and keep them fresh as the season goes on. That will continue to pay big dividends and in that respect, the contributions of the second unit can't be measured. But throughout the season, the Celtics have seen Sullinger continue to grow and improve at an incredibly steady rate.

"Sullinger is the best offensive rebounder the Celtics have had...," began Maxwell...

"Since Paul Silas, or you," interrupted Gary Tanguay.

"Sullinger's a tremendous force on the inside. And he gives the Celtics second chances," said Maxwell.

For more on the Celtics recent success and the continued emergence of Sullinger, check out the video above.