Mailbag: Sullinger's ceiling higher than Big Baby's?


Mailbag: Sullinger's ceiling higher than Big Baby's?

They are similar kinds of players, Glen "Big Baby" Davis and Jared Sullinger, but which one has the higher ceiling?

Tommy Heinsohn and Donny Marshall answered as part of Sunday night's mailbag.

"I think both of them are going to have a limitation to their career because they are truly not the quick power forward type of player," Heinsohn said. "The one advantage that right now Big Baby has over Sully is he can play two positions on defense. He can play bigger guys and get the job done. I think that Sullinger is going to be able to do that later on."

Donny Marshall thinks it might be the mental aspect of the game that sets the two apart.

"I think Jared Sullinger right now as a rookie is more cerebral," he said. "He thinks a lot but you have to as a rookie. Glen Davis was always having fun, diving in the stands. At times it was too much, but I love that type of energy. In a nutshell, Big Baby is what he is going to be in my opinion. Sullinger, we'll have to wait and see."

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