Mailbag: Can C's bigs handle the rebounding load?


Mailbag: Can C's bigs handle the rebounding load?

Mike and Tommy answered some questions from their mailbag prior to the Celtics' win over the Bulls.

The first one was about the Celtics' rebounding problem. Can the C's keep up on the glass? That depends on what side of the ball the rebounds are coming on.

'Rebounding will be a problem," Tommy said, noting that they're tainted on the offensive end. "The Celtics give up the ball on the offensive glass. They're willing to take fewer shots because of that, but they in turn will get back on defense and stop the fast break."

That said, Tommy says defensive rebounds are important and he thinks the C's can rebounding well if they "block out" the opponent.

What about the second unit players like Jason Terry and Jeff Green? How can they get going?

"Jeff Green played an awful lot of basketball in the second unit until the other day when he got a chance to play with the starters," Tommy said. "He'll fit in nicely, but they have to go to him and get him into the game quickly."