Locked-out cheerleaders get new role


Locked-out cheerleaders get new role

By Justin Aucoin

Little over a week ago the New England Patriots held their 2011 Cheerleader Auditions. At first we thought this was a silly idea the NFL 2011-2012 season is all but buried six feet under at this point.

And then we gave it a little more thought and realized, yes, there still is room for cheerleaders, even during a lockout season.

Promoting the NFLs new financial system
Team owners plan on using cheerleaders to promote their new financial system for the NFL via interpretive dance and diagrams.

Not sure if the players will find the pyramid scheme any more enticing than the last CBA. At least, not without financial auditing for the past several years first.
New cheer opportunities
Studies have shown that NFL fans are smart and are bored of the usual D-Fense! and Go Team! Woooo! chants. The lockout will allow the cheerleaders to work on some cheers that are more outside the box.

Giving fans their moneys worth
The NFL teams already have season ticket holders money. You think theyre just going to give it back? Of course not!

Each week NFL cheerleaders will face off for a grueling game of Our cheers are better than your cheers!

Also, what else is there to watch on Sunday afternoons?

Its still 100x better than the alternative.