"Let's Go" with Bret Lockett!


"Let's Go" with Bret Lockett!

By Mary Paoletti

Some members of the NFL have been productive during the lockout. Like Bret Lockett.

The Patriots special teamer has a very special talent that you won't find in any old media guide.

Lockett is an artist of sorts.

The music video for "Let's Go" was originally released on Wednesday night, according to Jeff Howe. I immediately checked Billboard's Hot 100, but Katy Perry, and maybe 90 other singers, have not yet surrendered a spot for Lockett. I'll keep checking.

One teammate of Lockett's had this to say about the video: "Hilarious. We were dying at workouts this morning."

I assume that the Patriots players were "dying" because the song got them very excited about the possibility of traveling to exotic places they've never seen. Such inspiration then motivated everybody to really give their all during workouts. Fun!

And I understand the to-do. Lockett croons that he and some lovely lady can "set sail with whales in Peru." How neat! Do the whales captain the ship? Or are the whales just fellow passengers? How big would that ship have to be? I hope they aren't those crazy whale-eating sperm whales that were plaguing Peru last summer. That would be problematic in trying to enjoy "the finer things."

Other than that, traveling to Bret Lockett's world (which he assures is "Our World") sounds fantastic.

So, let's go, everybody! Let's go!