LeBron ruins VCU's chance at victory


LeBron ruins VCU's chance at victory

By Justin Aucoin

He wasnt even at the game and yet LeBron James is to blame for Old Dominion defeating VCU in Monday nights Colonial Athletic Association Championship Game.

How, you might ask?

Apparently the Old Dominion mascot did the LeBron Powder Toss before the game.

This caused one of VCUs players to slip while going for a layup during the game. Old Dominion took the ball the other way and drained a three. VCU fans were ripped that there was no tripping call on the play.

Poor Nixon later got elbowed in the head by Frank Hassell. Classic Rule-48 headshot. Were expecting at least a five game suspension for this hit.

Obviously, people are blaming Hassell for throwing the elbow but a still frame shows a different villain.

Brutal. Who knew Matt Cooke played college basketball?

But unlike the Heat, VCU didnt cry or play peek-a-boo after the game.

What were getting at is this is all BronBrons fault. No way in hell Nixon slips or gets a headshot from Hassell if it wasnt for LeBron being LeBron. Were not entirely sure how, but its most definitely, 100 his fault.

If its any consolation to people, the powder didnt keep Old Dominion fans from celebrating. No injuries were reported in this chaos.

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