Kusnierek: Training for the Boston Marathon

Kusnierek: Training for the Boston Marathon
March 29, 2014, 10:00 pm
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Our very own Trenni Kusnierek is training to run in the 2014 Boston Marathon. She checks in with her first video diary to discuss her motivation and her experience.

"I was very determined to run the Boston Marathon this year because I was supposed to run last year," says Kusnierek. "I qualified and I had a number, but I had a hamstring injury that was nagging for a really long time and I was shut down completely, so I wasn’t able to run."

The disappointment brought her to tears, but it was the tragic bombing that steeled her resolve. 

"I was even more determined to run. I was not going to let something like that keep any of us from getting back to the start line and crossing the finish line this year."

On the importance of supporting your friends and family members in the marathon:

"Most of us who are training have been training for 16-20-24 weeks," says Kusnierek. "We’ve been [training] in the cold [and] we’ve been [training] alone. As someone who has run a bunch of marathons, I can tell you that when you [as a supporter] think, ‘What’s the big deal if I’m at mile 17, she’ll never even notice.’ We absolutely, absolutely, notice that you’re there and it’s really important."

On the best part of training:

Kusnierek joined the Cambridge Running Club to help her prepare for the marathon and says the camaradarie has made the training much more enjoyable.

"It’s been a really great way to meet some new friends and get a different social circle in Boston. It’s just kind of nice to have people to run with [because] 75 to 90 percent of my runs I do alone, which is really kind of grating on you. 

On the hardest part of training:

“The worst part about the training is isolation… it’s just been sort of lonely."

But Kusnierek says that she's been inspired by the supporters who even show up to the group's training runs to encourage the runners. 

It's more than just another run in Boston.