Kubiak: Biggest focus is protecting the football


Kubiak: Biggest focus is protecting the football

Gary Kubiak knows what his Houston texans are getting into when they come to Gillette Stadium on Monday night. He's seen what's happened to other teams in New England.

He understands that the Patriots are second in the NFL in takeaways with 33.

And because of that, he knows protecting the football will be the key to victory.

"The biggest thing that jumps at you is how productive they are at getting turnovers," said the Texans coach in a conference call on Thursday. "I mean, they make big plays defensively, and I know if you come in there and turn the ball over, boy, you're going to have a very very difficult chance of winning the football game. So that's a big point of emphasis.

"The biggest thing right now, our focus is, we're going to have to protect the ball. It just seems like everybody who's went in there has been turning it over, and we're going to have to find a way not to do that."