Jets' Ryan spotted with Sanchez tattoo


Jets' Ryan spotted with Sanchez tattoo

Once again, Mark Sanchez has ruined Rex Ryan's day.

Ryan, who is vacationing in the Bahamas with his wife, Michelle, was spotted poolside by the New York Daily News with his shirt off sporting an interesting tattoo.

And by interesting, we mean bizarre.

Inked on Ryan's right bicep is a picture of a woman - appearing to resemble his wife - on her knees wearing nothing but a Jets No. 6 jersey, the number Sanchez wears.

This comes after another disappointing season for Sanchez and the Jets, in which he was finally benched near the end of the season for underperforming.

But sorry, Tim Tebow, no sign of Rex's wife in your jersey anywhere on Rex's body. Back to the sidelines you go...