It's just a footnote


It's just a footnote

By Michael Felger

We're getting in and out quickly this week, folks. Even the chronics are relatively succinct (for them, anyway).

We're taking next week off. Merry, merry to everyone. See you in 2011.

On to Rex Ryan and his lovely bride. Now those are some footy pajamas I'd like to see!

Felger,You go ahead and hitch your wagon to Sexy Rexy's and I'll stick with team Belichick and take my chances. You really think after all the years of embarrassment on and off the field that the guy who's going to make them respectable and feared for years to come is the coach who puts foot fetish videos of his wife on the Internet? REALLY? Would you like to re-think your stand on this? Pats Nation will give you a free pass on this since no one could predict that a head coach of a major market team would do something so stupid as to post fetish videos online while he's currently in a high profile position, but you seriously have to question the intelligence of that coach and the stability of that organization. Because how in the world did he think it was a good idea to post his profile and his wife's real profile on that site and not disguise his voice or the Jets car he drives and then post it for the world to see? We told you Mike, but you didn't want to believe it. The Jets are and always will be a JOKE! Sure, they have a few good years here or there, but they will never have sustained long-term success and respect because they hire clowns to run that team all the time. Parcells was the exception, not the rule. There is nothing wrong with what Rex and his wife did, and after listening to you on Wednesday I suspect that you and your wife are into some kinky stuff as well (Pats Nation will dig deep for any vids you might have on-line). But it is highly comical and he will never live it down. NEVER! I am praying for a Jets Pats rematch in January because I can't wait for the razzing he is going to take at Foxboro! DanEast Providence

I think this affects the Jets not one iota. You think Rex's players are surprised? Tannenbaum? In case you haven't noticed, Rex is a different kind of cat. So is his entire family. Don't get me wrong, it's a fun story. But when you sit back and think about it, are you really surprised? Of course Rex and his wife post foot-fetish videos on the web. It's almost like we should have known it.

There's certainly an issue there with his judgment, intelligence and discipline -- but again, it's nothing we didn't know about him to begin with. That's the Rex Ryan package. The Jets obviously are familiar with it, too. You all seem to think it won't work, but all I know is that last year Rex got his team to the AFC title game and you got blown out in the first round at home. They're 10-4 this year. They may not be as good as you, but it's hard to say Rex's style has hurt them to this point. I think we need to let it play out.

Finally, I found the stuff posted on the web to be so mild that it was almost cute. Basically, they were just videos of her stretching her bare feet. One of them (my favorite) had her in her panties. That was the worst of it. Big deal. And the one where they role-played, with Rex (allegedly) acting as a cop and Michelle (apparently) acting as the stranded motorist? Good, clean, fun right there. Almost endearing. An older couple having some fun. You go, Sexy Rexy!

And what do you think? Michelle Ryan = Joan Allen.

Hey Bitch and Moan (Felger: Im pretty sure he means me and Maz),

I know you were probably taking Sexy Rexy's side because of your contrarian ways, but what a couple of wussies. Rexy was basically selling his wife, but that's okay. You were probably chicken (expletive) because you were afraid the same press would find out your perverted ways, like Felger playing stewardess to Sara's Pilot, and Mazz doing his thing with chickens.What a golden opportunity missed by a couple of gutless Boston Sports-radio pervs.Ed

Hey Ed. I'm drop dead serious about what Im about to say. If you can get the Wood to dress up like a stewardess Ill pay you 10,000. Cash.

Mike,First of all, you keep focusing only on the foot-fetish videos. What about the other fetishes? Yeah, it's a personal thing, but they PUT IT ON THE INTERNET!!! What they do in private is their business. But they did it in public, to some extent. And what about the other fetishes? I agree the foot thing and video isn't a big deal. But what about the bi-curious? Did Rex mean himself? What about defilement and wanting to see his wife "take it in (expletive deleted)"? Its their business, but do you think its a good image for the Jets who are trying to sell Suites and Boxes to corporations? He's like a CEO or high ranking exec. You don't think being into bondage, defilement, humiliation, torture, etc. is a problem for a corporation?Also, you KILLED Spikes for this. Yet its harmless fun for Rex? Give me a break with your switching standards and inconsistency.Ted

I KILLED Spikes? You must have me confused with another talk show host. I had as much fun with that as I did with this. Otherwise, what "other fetishes" from the Ryan thing offend you? So what if Rex or Michelle are bi-curious? You have a problem with that? And what humiliation and torture are you talking about? It seemed to me from what I saw that Michelle was a more-than-willing participant. I bet even money that she was the instigator. And do you really believe that the Jets will lose a single ticket, a single luxury box over this? Id be stunned if that was the case. The bigger issue for them is sucking on the field which they havent done since Rex got there.

Hey Felger,Pats are 11-2 and you and Mazz spend an hour on Wednesday talking about Pats' draft misses. Good timing. Clay Matthews, like it or not, wasnt drafted because he gained 80 pounds in four years in college. How does a guy gain 80 pounds of muscle in that time frame? It is genetically impossible.GeorgeWoburnP.S. In 2008, the Pats hosted Cameron Wake for one ofthose nothing tryouts and didn't sign him. Unlike Matthews' veryquestionable past, Wake was an oversight.
From now on, before the Cartel decides to second-guess the Pats, George, we'll be sure to consult you first to see if it's on the cleared list.

Anyway, I don't know if you heard me say this, but if the reason the Pats passed on Matthews was a performance-enhancing-drug issue, then I don't blame them. I believe you should scout that stuff. If you feel a college player won't be able to pass tests at the NFL level, or if you think his production is too much of a result of drug use, then I don't blame you for skipping him.

And based on that logic (which I assume you agree with, based on your question) we then have to consider the drafting of Spikes a major mistake. Opps! He didn't even make it through his rookie year . . . Sorry for spiking that Patriots Kool-Aid with a dose of realism. (See, Ted, you had it confused. Ive spent more time on Spikes drug test than his Hogan.)

Also, as it relates to Wake, don't you get the feeling we're talking about the same issue as Matthews?

Felger You DB! After watching the first episode HBO's 247, how can anyone not have coach envy! Dan Bylsma is what every B's fan has been wanting since Pat Burns (God speed, coach). And while Burns was saddled with tasks like trying to explain to Darren Van Impe that the other team scoring was "bad,'' we get to see Bylsma guide an ultra-talented squad with a philosophy that's tough, blue collar, down to earth and motivational while not being the least bit fake.Listen to Bylsma and you would never know who the stars are. Love it. Forget contrasting him with Bruce Boudreau. Poor Bruce can't win even if he was in Slapshot. How about a quick side-by-side with your local team's leader? Bylsma makes Claude look like a cross between a French Canadian Homer Simpson and Otto Pilot from Airplane. And can you Imagine Bylsma ranking players with Chiarelli?DB: "Savard cost us the game against the Flyers. I gave him a 2.''PC: "Well, I hope he improves 'cause I gave him a 7. As in a 7-year extension.''I love this show and wanted more as soon as this episode was over. But I know that by the time the Classic rolls around, barring JJ selling the team to Mark Cuban, I am going to have to medicate myself every time I hear Claude or PC speak. Hey Cam, set your TiVo. This is how you lead a hockey team. MikeAttleboro

Tuukka and Deion Branch are going to have to step aside. Ive got a new BFF and his name is Dan Bylsma. You watch Wednesday night? The Penguins lost for the first time 13 games and Coach B made sure the feeling sunk in. "Werent ready," he said. "Losing sucks." First time in over two weeks. Love that guy.

And I havent even seen him with his shoes off.

Felger returns with his Patriots-Dolphins game column on Jan. 2. Listen to him on the radio weekdays, 2-6 p.m., on 98.5 the Sports Hub.

Does Brady have words planned for Goodell at Super Bowl? 'We'll see'

Does Brady have words planned for Goodell at Super Bowl? 'We'll see'

Tom Brady wouldn't take the bait following the AFC title game. He was told that he must've heard the "Where's Roger?" chants, and so then he must've had a reaction.

"I didn't hear that chant," Brady replied. 

WEEI's Kirk and Callahan Show took another run at the Patriots quarterback's relatonship with commissioner Roger Goodell on Monday morning. Had Brady thought about what he might say should he come face-to-face with Goodell at Super Bowl LI?

"Hopefully we’ll finish the deal," Brady said. "Hopefully we can finish it off, and we’ll see. Maybe I’ll tell you after. But I don’t want to get into winning something before we’ve won it, because it’s going to be hard to win this thing."

Should the Patriots win their fifth Super Bowl title, Brady probably won't be accepting the Lombardi Trophy from Goodell. That exchange usually takes place with the owner at center stage. Perhaps there's a scenario in which Patriots chairman and CEO Robert Kraft allows Brady to take the stage first, but it would go against what has been Super Bowl protocol. 

Brady and Goodell could be forced to share the spotlight on the morning after the Super Bowl, however, when the MVP trophy is handed out. It's a ritual they carried out together on the morning following Super Bowl XLIX, when Deflategate was in its nascent stages.

One would think that the embrace they shared that day -- long before the Wells Report was published and long before Brady and the league were pitted against one another in federal court -- will be the last thing that either man wants to recreate two weeks from now. 

Brady on the effectiveness of Belichick's approach: 'You're brainwashed'


Brady on the effectiveness of Belichick's approach: 'You're brainwashed'

During his weekly interview with WEEI's Kirk and Callahan Show, Tom Brady highlighted the thought process that has helped make the Patriots such a successful team under Bill Belichick, and in the process of complimenting his boss, Brady also may have taken a little inadvertent shot at the Steelers.

As broadcat to the world via Antonio Brown's Facebook feed, Pittsburgh coach Mike Tomlin noted immediately after the Divisional Round that the Patriots had an advantage in preparing for the AFC title game because they had more time to rest.

"I would say in general on our team we have a sign on our wall that says, ‘Doing the right thing for the team when it might not be the right thing for you.’ That’s just putting everything aside," Brady said. "Ignoring the noise, the positive things people may be saying about you, or the negative things people may say about you. Just believing in yourself and not making excuses.

"There’s always an excuse you can build into why you lose a game. 'We’re only playing on six days rest, we have this person hurt, or we didn’t get that call.' There are a million of them, and they’re all built in and you can pick them all off before the game. I think our coach does a great job of never buying into the B.S. He never makes it about one player. He never makes it about one play. He never makes it about one call, or one situation. It’s all about all of us collectively trying to do the best thing we can for the team to try and help us win. He never lets his foot off the gas pedal so when it comes to our team, you’re brainwashed. That’s just the way it goes."

The numbers support Belichick's approach: He'll be coaching in a 10th Super Bowl in two weeks, and seven of those have come as a head coach. Both are NFL records.