Inappropriate sports marketing


Inappropriate sports marketing

By Justin Aucoin

This video is making the rounds lately. File it under inappropriate but funny.

Shut up, Linda!

Were laughing. Were horrible people. Were also kinda surprised a video like this wasnt made sooner.

Got us thinking about other possible funny but wrong sports endorsements.

Rex Ryan foot cream
Slogan: If its dry or cracked, I wont stand for it!

Julian Edelmans Speed Dating
Slogan: Dating so good its almost criminal

Roberto Luongo Tire Pumping
Slogan: If not your mother, then who?

The Josh Beckett Special at Popeyes
Slogan: Why play like a champ when you can eat like a chump?

The Matt Cooke Wing for Neurology & Neural Surgery, Recovery and Research
Slogan: He checks you in, well check you out

Tom Brady Uggs
Slogan: Because never mind