Idiot regrets stupid Larry Bird prison tribute


Idiot regrets stupid Larry Bird prison tribute

By Mary Paoletti

How's this for surprising news: The guy who ASKED in 2005 for three years to be tacked onto his 30-year prison sentence -- to honor Celtics legend, No. 33, Larry Bird -- now regrets the move.

His rationale at the time: I told them, Look, you might as well just give me three more and give me a number I like, he said. And Ive always liked Larry Bird. And Ive always liked the Boston Celtics.

Oh, well of course. Makes sense.


This kind of thing is why I'm freaked out that the Eric Torpy's of the world get to vote (before their convictions, of course).

I'm not sure if this is my favorite part:

Im pretty sure Bird thinks Im an idiot, says Torpy. I mean, truthfully, most people do. My own family does, so Im pretty sure he does, too.

Or if this is:
Torpy said the district attorney and judge should never have lengthened his plea bargain agreement.In my mind, they became unprofessional, he says. Why feed into my game? Im a criminal.You know what, Torpy? Maybe it wasn't the appropriate decision. But you were the one who committed armed robbery and tried to shoot and kill people, which is generally worse than being "unprofessional." So get over it.

And maybe keep your mouth shut.