I see your humor, Darius Butler


I see your humor, Darius Butler

By Adam Hart

I have two rules when it comes to poking fun at athletes:

1) Not if it's in the name charity.

2) Not if they're doing it as a parent.

Lucky for Darius Butler, he was covered by both when he won -- is it really winning? -- this signed Justin Bieber photo for his daughter. Bieber is clearly looking on the horizon for some Canadian moose or fountains of maple syrup.

@DariusButler28 In a fierce bidding battle for this Justin Bieber signed picture at Dan's event. I'm glad this lockout is abt to end

@DariusButler28 651 well spent! Lol

The auction was part of The Dan Orvlosky Foundation Gala and Golf Outing. Orvlosky quarterbacked at Butler's alma mater, UConn.

Photo posted on lockerz.com.