How Terry Francona makes his lineup


How Terry Francona makes his lineup

By Jon Fucile

The Red Sox slow start has raised a lot of questions. Can they dig themselves out of this hole with 203 games left? Will the offense find their groove? Why is baseball so boring?

One of the biggest points of contention amongst fans lately seems to be Fraconas lineup juggling, especially with that Carl Crawford fellow.

To the outside observer it may seem as though Francona is nuts. You are probably thinking there must be some method to his madness, some kind of strategy.

Well youd be wrong. There is no game plan or strategy. Francona has a bit of a gambling problem and uses similar games to make lineup decisions. He just loves the thrill of not knowing! But, much like gambling, it back fires more often than not.

Follow us as we take an inside look at how Francona makes lineup decisions.

First Terry decides who is going to play catcher that night. He gets to decided between Jason Varitek and Jarrod Salta.. Saltalam.ummmm Jarrod. Just Jarrod.

Varitek is old and at the end of his career but pitchers seem to prefer him. Jarrod has been justjust awful.

Rather than just pick the guy that is playing better Francona breaks out his Big Wheel of Catchers and takes a spin!

Next he decides who is going to pitch to the catcher that got selected. Now, you might think Francona has a set rotation but that simply isnt true. He plays different games in an attempt to spread out the work load but it is still random.

Terrys favorite is a pitchers version of the old game show Press Your Luck!

Oh tough luck Terry. Lackey is starting tonight. Might as well just throw another L in the winloss column now.

Francona is just holding out for the day he can clone Jon Lester.

Finally, Francona has to decide who is going to hit and in what order. Man that is tough business!

How does he decide? Dart board with faces? Pulling names out of a hat?

Nope. Red Sox Yahtzee!

Wow that is looking rough already. Crawford and Ellsbury cant hit so far this season and Wally doesnt look like he can run the bases effectively. At least the lineup is taking shape.

Looking pretty rough there Terry.

Well at least you and 90 of the people that call into the SportsHub agree on something.