How Ross Ventrone spends his time off (and on and off)

How Ross Ventrone spends his time off (and on and off)
November 22, 2011, 5:13 pm
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By Justin Aucoin

Ross Ventrone is quickly becoming a cult figure in New England, which is funny since he has only one recorded tackle this season. In fact, hes been released more times than hes seen games this year.

In some ways, Ventrone has the best job in the world. He gets signed for a few days and then released for a few more, only for the cycle to repeat itself a few days later. The guys getting paid to work, like, two days a week.

On the other hand, it kinda sucks that he keeps getting signed-released-signed every week. Does he even get a meeting with Belichick about being released and re-signed, or does he just know when he should walk about the door? And do the Pats save him a locker knowing hell be back come Monday morning?

Some of these questions we might never know the answer, too. But what we do know is how Ross spends his off-time, away from the game.

In the morning, Ventrone eats breakfast, brushes his teeth and takes a shower just like the rest of us normal folk. The only difference is when Ventrone takes a shower hes really practicing for future shampoo ads.

Troy Polamalu, eat your heart out.

Later on in the morning hell listen to one of his favorite musicians -- Weird-Al Yankovic.

No idea if this is true

Of course, being a refined man, hell catch up on the latest literature andor study for the next time hes re-signed by the Pats.

Depending on what he on the docket for the afternoon he might pose for upcoming romance novel releases. With hair like that were sure hes high on demand.

After dinner hell sit down on his couch and play some Madden only after creating himself as a player, of course, and boosting his stats to max. A mans gotta dream, right?

Youll make it full time one day, kid maybe.

Side note: Were kinda bummed that the Patriots website doesnt have replica Ventrone jerseys in stock or at all. Wed buy those in a heartbeat. Make it happen, New England.