Hill: I look forward to being part of the Red Sox next year


Hill: I look forward to being part of the Red Sox next year

Danny Picard sat down with free agent lefty reliever RichHill on his podcast Im Just Sayin this morning. Hill, who's arbitration eligible this offseason, said he believes the team will tender him a contract and he'll be back in Boston in 2013.

Yeah, I feel I do," Hill said. "You know, I had some goodconversations with Ben Cherington in September and I look forward to beingpart of the Red Sox next year.

Hill also had some interesting things to say about last yearsteam and the direction the Red Sox must take next year. 

Youre only asgood as your last outing, so, you know thats something I think that gets lostsometimes with professional sports and guys sometimes thinking that theyvedone enough, thinking they can rest on their numbers and rest on what theyveaccomplished in the game.

Here are a few of the other highlights from Picard's interview with Hill.

On moving on as a team and manager Bobby Valentine: Youvegot to put everything in the past behind you and look at where you are todayand move forward as difficult as sometimes that is. Youve got to say This iswhere we are today and it doesnt matter how we got here. The only thing thatdoes matter is where were going. And thats moving forward.

On last season: Its over with. And the great thing is thattheres a new season coming up next year and we have to look towards that.

Last year was a lost season. It was a season that didntwork out. We have a great manager in John Farrell coming in. This team willrally around John, and the coaches, and each other and perform to the best ofour abilities and thats the bottom line.

Were clubhouse issues with the manager blown out ofproportion with regards to on-field results? Yeah, absolutely. Bottom line as a team we didnt play well. Noone else is going to go out there and do it for us . . . You dont sit there and point fingers. Ultimately the goalfor next year is to come together and have that unity.

Show up on time. Work hard. Two of the easiest things youcan do . . . thats what were looking at.

Can John Farrell -- one man -- come in and change everything? "You can't put it all on one person, it's a team . . . It's our responsibility, as players, to hold each other accountable. That means, you don't ask 'why.' It's because you were told to do it, and you move on. That's the bottom line. And that's a team."

SUNDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL: Rawls leads Seahawks to 40-7 pummeling of Panthers


SUNDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL: Rawls leads Seahawks to 40-7 pummeling of Panthers

SEATTLE - Behind Thomas Rawls bouncing off and through tacklers and a big-play punch from Tyler Lockett, the Seattle Seahawks rediscovered their offensive star power on Sunday night.

It came at a significant cost to their defense.

Rawls ran for 103 yards and two touchdowns in the first half, Lockett took a reverse 75 yards for a score to open the second half and the Seahawks routed the Carolina Panthers 40-7 on Sunday night.

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