Heat over-celebrate...again


Heat over-celebrate...again

By Jon Fucile

The 30-time (in their heads) NBA champion Miami Heat just dispatched the Boston Celtics in five games and are super happy about it.

Talk to any Heat player and he's going on about how this is the best victory of his career and that they have never been so excited. Apparently after the game LeBron James let out a very, very loud scream in the locker room in a show of excitement.

There is just one problem, again, for the Heatthey have not actually won anything yet but theyre partying like it is 1999!

Before they realized this was just a second round victory and that they still need to win two more series before they actually win a championship they went out and celebrated.

They threw a HUGE party for the dozens and dozens of fans that decided to show up to an NBA playoff game in Miami.

Actually, that crowd does look like the biggest crowd theyve had yet!

On the way to the airport to head to Chicago, they decided to start out by rubbing their victory in a poor Celtics fans face.

They taunted the kid for upwards of 20 minutes. Something about being the best team of all time and unbeatable. Such egos!

Later, they paid NASA to go back to the moon andmake some modifications.

Seriously guys? Are you going to add losers underneath when youre too busy celebrating your second round victory and the Bulls blow you out? Now we have to look at this ugly thing constantly.

Of course they had a typical party in a limo with a bunch of girls and Chris Bosh party. Does Chris Bosh actually do anything?

For a team that thinks it's already won tons of titles in a row, you would think it would act like a team that has been there before.

Oh wait, they have not ACTUALLY been there before.

Finally someone informed LeBron and the Heat that they still had to beat two more teams if they wanted to actually accomplish something. Hedidnt take it well.

What a bunch of idiots. You have won NOTHING. This isnt some wussy kids league in your town that gives out trophies to everyone regardless of how they do just so no one has hurt feelings. Maybe you egomaniacs should save all that celebrating in case you actually win a title.

But you dont have it in you to be humble and realistic do you? Keep dreaming, Heat. Maybe someday, if every other team in the NBA is drunk, you will actually have something real to celebrate.