Have Red Sox finished cleaning house?

Have Red Sox finished cleaning house?
October 27, 2012, 5:03 am
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The Red Sox have cut payroll, fired Bobby Valentine and hired John Farrell, but are they done with the internal purging that's been going on over the past year?

Gary Tanguay and Joe Haggerty ask what other Red Sox might be looking for a new employer in the near future.

Tanguay questioned whether the purge will ever be complete now that the Red Sox have brought in Farrell, noting that he was a member of the old regime that eventually led to the clubhouse issues in the first place.

Haggerty had one name come to mind immediately:

"Tim Bogar is a guy you want gone because he came out publically and talked about the division between Bobby Valentine and he was one of the lead coaches that was really causing that issue with Bobby Valentine so you need to get him gone. At the end of the day he was a horrible third base coach and really didn't bring a lot to the table for all the trouble he was causing, so you can show him the door."

All the trouble that Alfredo Aceves gave the Red Sox this year, gave Bobby Valentine, all these heated conversations in the dugout, all of the Julian Tavarez-like hijinks, the crazy stuff that he does... I think he's another guy you need to get rid of. I know he's got a live arm but he wore out his welcome in New York with the Yankees and I think we're seeing why."

Tanguay raises John Lackey's name as another guy who has reason to get the boot, but notes that most people are optimistic that Lackey will at least be a decent innings-eater next year, and that's the something the Red Sox need.