Hart: Steelers would have lasting impact on Patriots


Hart: Steelers would have lasting impact on Patriots

The Patriots road to the Super Bowl could first go through Pittsburgh and if that's the case it may not reach the Super Bowl.

That's what Patriots Football Weekly's Andy Hart believes if the Pats are in fact paired up with the Steelers in the Wild Card round.

Check out what he said on UNO's Sports Tonight:

"I think the Steelers are by far the worst matchup - and they may not make it so you might not have to worry about it," Hart said. "But you look at a) Roethlisberger. What he can do in terms of keeping plays alive. Patriots have got no pass rush, and you're going to ask that secondary toc over for three, four, five, six seconds? But more importantly, it's the defense. It's nowhere near the 49ers, but that is stilla  physical defense that bangs you around. To me, that's the biggest issue here. If you play the Steelers in the first round, I firmly believe you won't go to the Super Bowl. And it won't be because you lose to them, it'll be because the hangover having to put three games in a row after the first one is a dogfight where you get beat up."