Gasper's stance on PEDs and Hall of Fame


Gasper's stance on PEDs and Hall of Fame

Chris Gasper joined Sports Tonight to discuss one of the most controversial Baseball Hall of Fame ballots in recent history.  

Who would Gasper send to the Hall?  Bonds and Clemens make the cut, but McGwire, Sosa, and Palmeiro do not.  

After taking a good look at the careers of Bonds and Clemens, Gasper feels that the duo would have landed in the Hall of Fame without the assistance of PEDs.

"You are basically making a judgement" said Gasper, "Did the guy have Hall of Fame talent because he used PEDs?  Or was his Hall of Fame talent enhanced by PEDs?  I don't condone what they did, I don't condone the cheating.  But I look at those two guys I know a Hall of Famer when I see it, and these two guys were Hall of Famers."

What about Sosa and McGwire?  What did they do other than slugging?

"Nothing.  Especially McGwire." continued Gasper, "You can argue that not only was his skill enhanced by (PEDs), it might have been created by it.  The one skill he had (home runs) could have been created by that stuff."