Game Roulette: 2013 in review

Game Roulette: 2013 in review
December 31, 2013, 12:15 am
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We play lots of games on Sports Tonight, and sometimes it's hard to pick just one.

So, we're playing game show roulette this time around. More games! More fun!

First up: "Fill in the blank."

I knew the Red Sox were going to win the World Series when ______

Curran says it was Game 6 of the ALCS when Shane Victorino hit the home run.

The guys think he's late to the party on that one...


Now, we play a game we call "over/under."

On average, how many times a game does Belichick think 'I should have re-signed Wes Welker? Over/under 1.5 times.

"I would go heavy on the under," Curran said.

"I just don't think he second-guesses himself on personnel moves," Felger said.


Another game now: Take your pick

Would you rather see the Bruins have Phil Kessel or everything else they got for him?

"Having seen a lot of him last season in the playoffs," Buckley said, "you forget what a great player he is and how he can carry the puck up the ice almost - almost! - Orr-like sometimes. I wouldn't have minded seeing five or six years of that on the Bruins."

"Going back, I'd take the 40-goal scorer right now. What cinches it for me is that Kessel produced in the playoffs . . . Kessel's soft, he drives me nuts, but you have to have at least one guy on the team that can score, so I think I'd take him back."


Buy or Sell: Did Danny Ainge wait a year too long to blow up the Celtics?

Curran says no, but check out the video to see what the rest of the guys said.